Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What can you do.....

The other morning C walks into the bathroom and finds L doing this.

She calls out to me......"Mom, come look at what L did". I'm thinking great what did she get into now.

This is what I walked into. It's hard to be serious and get mad, when she has lip stick on her lips smiling big and is pointing "ook mommy, ook mommy". It was just too cute and not to mention she did a very good job for a 1 yr old.

How she managed to get up on the counter clear across to the other side, that I have yet to figure out.

I normally sit her on the counter with me every morning to avoid this from happening. She loves helping me and as much i don't think she's really paying attention, she really is. I promise she can show you where to apply eye liner too. She's tried that a few times - that's with me watching her making sure the cap stays on. Silly girl!

She loves anything you can apply on your lips. Lip stick, lotion and gum are her 3 favorites things. If you have them, she will be your friend.

I wanted to share these pictures. C insisted I take them even though I was not happy she ruined one of my favorite lip sticks. Oh well, what can you do.


tollesons4him said...

This is so cute and funny at the same time adn yes it is hard to get mad when they do something like this. Er did this at about the same age and I have a picture of it. PRICELESS

~LL~ said... little boys try to do this