Tuesday, October 7, 2008

October 7, 1994

14 years ago today..... marks the day of our first official date. I still remember it like it was yesterday. R went to Friday night football game and as much as he doesn't like to admit it, he went to watch me cheer too. Our date started after that football game that evening.

I still remember thinking is he coming? Where is he? And I hope I don't see him while I'm cheering. I guess I was a little nervous. Since I lead the cheers I was to always stand on the 50 yard line......and all of you know that's dead center. The game starts and our fight song is playing, we are jumping around, dancing....I look up in the stands and guess who's sitting on the 50 yard line........Yep, it was R. He stood up and waved really big and had the cutest smile on his face. I wanted to crawl under the stands the entire game, seriously, but I manged to pull it together!

After an hour or so I was OK with it, I had to be. Every time we scored, plastic footballs were thrown into the stands. After many attempts I finally got one into his hands. He was so happy. We won that game against Carrizo Springs, can't tell you the score. I guess I was too busy thinking about what I was going to wear that night...

After the game, I had to rush home to get ready for my date. I was glad our friends decided to go on a double date with us. I couldn't have done with it alone. Sorry honey! It ended up being a great night though.
What a blessing to be married to your best friend. I will cherish these memories I have with my husband forever.

Here is a picture of us back in the day. Don't laugh!

And I have my Sonic coke in my hand.....


♥ Vikki Dreams♥ said...

You have a beautiful family ! I'm a mom of 7 wonderful children.

tollesons4him said...

Know what's funny? You two still the same. on the 19th of Nov. C and I will celebrate our 15th for our first date. Time sure does fly.
Loved the story!

The Millers said...

So hilarious. I didn't even realize it was after I was already in college you two started dating. I guess that would be right. Just seems like you have been together forever.

So stinkin cute.

Happy First Date Anniversary.