Thursday, October 2, 2008

State Fair of Texas

Tomorrow is our Fair Day. I'm sad to say that we are not going, at least not tomorrow. We have so much going on tomorrow that we decided to take them to lunch and a movie instead. They don't care as long as we get to do something together before Daddy leaves for a week.

Maybe R and I will sneak out to the Fair by ourselves one day. We love the food more than anything. I'm thinking I could really use a Flecther's Corn dog.....hummmmmm

Have fun if you make it out to the State Fair of Texas.


~LL~ said...

We are going....but next week. Maybe we'll see you there :D

tollesons4him said...

We love the fair, I am going on the 9th to take the Sr. Adults and then C and I are taking the girls on the 18th ( I know the last weekend we are probably crazy but we didn't go last year so we are going to take them this year)