Thursday, January 22, 2009

What is it with men and their toys....

A few months ago R thought of, what he thought was a great idea - flipping motorcycles ( I thought to myself "WHAT") but he was so excited when he was explaining how he was planning to do it all, I couldn't voice my opinion or thoughts on that, or at least not at the moment. All I could think about was - my workaholic husband wants to bring on another project. And my second thought was "what is it with men and their toys?"
As if we are not busy enough with the kids and their after school activities.
Needless to say he got started on the 1st bike he was able to purchase and a good price, I might add. It's been a working process but he's got it up and running. It's passed all the inspections, and we finally got the tags for it last weekend. shwww
Remember the plan was to flip it! So that to me meant it would be SOLD!!!!
I think R did some bonding with the bike after all the time and effort he put into it. He still would like to do a little more to it but it's running and it looks great! As much as I'm scared for him. I know it would make him very happy to get to ride it to and from work - when it gets warmer of course.
I couldn't really get mad at him for wanting to keep it since gas prices are going back up and I did have to get a new vehicle that unfortunately consumes more gas.
Who knows you may be seeing me on the back of a motorcycle soon with my pink helmet.


tollesons4him said...

Wow! He did a great job fixing it up!!!

~LL~ said...

Oh my.....