Monday, January 5, 2009

Making it a Happy Home

I got this idea from my friend's blog - LL. "Making it a Happy Home" I thought I would blog on this today.
The past 2 weeks the kids have been home so I haven't really had the chance to clean out their rooms and closets. So I figured since everyone is out of the house, and it's cold and rainy outside why not take advantage of the time.
I've cleaned out the closets, bought a few things here and there to change out some old decor and I am loving!! It's amazing what a few flowers (fake ones not real) can do to a room. I've completely moved the girls room around. I think she will be surprised. I've also made a few changes in decor.
Since my back in not cooperating with me I thought I would just clean out B's room and closet not move the furniture. I did it and it looks great!
I took some pictures but I forgot to take some before. Actually, I was glad I was too embarrassed to show how messy their closets were anyway.....YIKES!!
Make it a Happy Home!
P.S. You'll have to excuse little Miss, she thinks it's all about her when I get my camera out. It's almost always is though - She's like her momma.


Anonymous said...

Looks great! I cleaned out the girls rooms last week and I had no idea how much C*ap they had!!

~LL~ said...


Thanks for joining in.