Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Making it a Happy Home

Since the kids were out yesterday. I didn't have time to blog, so I am blogging yesterdays blog today.

Making a Happy Home Monday is a little blog carnival that I have ATTEMPTED (for a few months, anyway) to get to catch hold. It is where I, along with some other wonderful women, post pictures and/or information on a project we have completed.The job can be big. It can be small. Whatever area of your home that needs some attention, be it dusting or painting, JUST DO IT! Make the area happier by making it more functional, prettier or just plain fun. If it makes you happy, then you have reached the goal of this carnival.

So, for today's installment of Making a Happy Home Monday, I have chosen to focus on an area in my kitchen. My frig, cupboards, and cabinets. Which now looks great!
Sorry, I don't have very many before pics. I was so busy working I forgot to take pics.


Alicia said...

Everything looks so organized!!! You've got me motivated to do mine again! I know I need to get rid of a few things!

Thanks for stopping by my blog the other day!

You have such a beautiful family!!

Anonymous said...

Looks good!!!

~LL~ said...

Look at you go! Awesome....thanks for participating. It looks great.

Kristy said...

What do you charge to come over and organize my cabinets and closets! :) They look great!