Monday, August 18, 2008

Our busy weekend

C using the chop sticks - they both did better than I did with them.
Friday after our softball game
L having a snack at Children's Hospital
Hospital tag. She didn't want it on her wrist.

Well, where do I start. This weekend was full of surprises. It was the kids last weekend before starting school, so Daddy took the entire week off to spend it with the kids.

Friday we went to out to lunch, meet with the builder, then headed to our last softball game. We lost our game but we still made the playoffs. We play again this Friday at 8 for the Championship. We are very excited about it.

Saturday morning I decided to call the on call nurse because L had a bump that didn't look right. Thank goodness I called, we ended up leaving the house and going straight to Children's Hospital. I thought that it was a staph infection but, I wanted to wanted to be sure before I took her in and I was right it was in fact a Staph infection. After a few minutes of talking to the nurse and explaining everything she said you need to take her to Children's to have that looked at right away. All a little scary, but we had no choice but to take her in right away. We were there for 5 long hrs. After the examination, sonogram and 5 doctors looking at it they decided it was staph too. Luckily it was caught in time to where they wouldn't have to sedate her to drain it. They gave us a strong antibiotic and sent us home. Thank you Jesus!
The medicine seems to be working. The swelling has gone down and it's slowly turning back to it's original color - tan skin, not bright red like it was before. Thank you for your continued prayers and phone calls.

Saturday after leaving the hospital, L seem to be doing well so we took the kids to eat Sushi. A place Daddy had been promising to take them too - Sushi Domo. They really liked it. Especially the dessert. It was yummy - IT was pound cake, deep fried with vanilla ice cream in it. My favorite was the Domo tower and the Miso soup.

Today, Monday, the kids are in full swing and are back to school.

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tollesons4him said...

Glad she is so much better! It's scary when things like this happen to our kids and we don't know exactly what's going on and we have to wait and wait.