Sunday, July 6, 2008

Our love bug!

4 months old

You think you will never forget this age....but you do. If it weren't for video cameras and baby journals I couldn't tell you half the things they did as a baby.

Seems like this picture was taken a few months ago, in fact it was taken over a year ago. My baby sure is growing up too fast if you ask me. She's becoming very independent - ask the kids drives them nuts. She very active, healthy 18 month old. She's picking up sign language. It's very cute to see her sign for something. Most of the time she tells you want she wants or pulls you in the kitchen for snack. Her favorite word right now is "De-go" her Diego fruit snacks. It's so cute to hear her say it and point to the cabinets where they are. Such a fun age...

We love you love bug!

18 months old

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