Monday, July 28, 2008


My sister in law is finally moved in and living in Burleson. This weekend my brother in law came up from Austin, my father in law and mother law were also here so we all went to try out this famous restaurant called "Babes" that everyone has been talking about. WOW - their food was amazing and not to mention the atmosphere. The line to get in was crazy even at 1:30, but some how we manage to get our party of 12 in in no time.

The waitress came around and took our drink and meat order. ( I know weird) She gave us 4-5 different meats to pick from - which are by the way all home cooked (country fried steak, pot roast, chicken tenders, fried fish) She brought out our drinks and a yummy salad that's only lettuce with their special sweet vignette dressing. Boy, was it good. And Oh my gosh....and the biscuits. You think Cracker Barrel has yummy biscuits, you should try Babes.

They even danced in between songs. L got to go out and do the hokey poky with one the girls. It was so cute. One girl even walked around and sang a Taylor Swift song. C wanted to sing so bad but these waitresses have to acutally audition to be able to sing. The manager told C to come back and audition when she's 16. I guess we'll be going back.

I only got 1 picture while we were there. I was too busy eating all the delicious food.

Burleson is also the home town of Kelly Clarkson - 1st round America Idol winner.


tollesons4him said...

I've heard Babes is really good.
Glad you all got to be together.

Latte-n-Libre said...

Is this Babe's Chicken by chance? There is one in Sanger too if I am not mistaken. We have to make a point to get to one of these. Sounds like you had a great time. Hugs, Brandi

R & R Stacy said...

No, It's just called Babe's. You have to try it. It's the best food I've had in a long time. Can't wait to go back.

Janie said...

Hey girl! Looks like ya'll had fun. You made me hungry with your description of the food. Yummmm!!!! I think I told you this before but my mom is from Burleson. We went there every summer while I was growing up.