Saturday, June 21, 2008

Let me tell you about my day....

When I woke up yesterday morning, I thought to myself, what a beautiful day. There was no rain in the forecast and it was only suppose to be in the 90's. (which is not too hot, considering you are in Texas) I got the kids dressed. Sat down and chatted with Lynssi (sis in law) and my mother in law. Courtney left about 11:00 to a friends house for a sleep over.
I decided to take everyone to the Dove's Nest for lunch in Waxahacie. (one of my mother in laws favorite places to shop) Needless to say my day was going great!! While we were shopping I got a phone call from my hubby that he was home early from work. So we headed back to hang out with him before they had to leave back to SA.
IN the mean time Bubba got picked up by his best friend's mother. He also had made plans to go over for a sleep over. Shortley after my mother in law and sis in law left, leaving only me, my hubby and L. What more could I ask for.....the big kids are gone, my hubby was off to take his napis taking his nap and it was pay day for me.
SO....I did the normal routine. I called my friend Gaby, picked her up, looked at a model home my hubby insisted I had to see and we went to dinner. We got back to her house and L decided she needed my cell phone. I normally don't let her play with it, but I thought why not. It's been dropped a few times what's 1 more dent going to do to it. ONE normal drop and the phone screen is GONE - BLACKED OUT...and NOT WORKING!!!! I'm thinking how could this happen. I don't even remember if we have insurance, R's going to be mad, and I don't have a back up. Many thoughts going through my head. I need my phone since we're selling our house. I left them my number to call if the house needed to be shown.
I headed back home about 7:30 being that we had a coed softball game at 9:00. I woke R up and told him and he said, "I'll see what I can do". Still nothing. I've lost all my contacts....
We noticed that people can call me but I can't call out. So whatever....we left to our game about 8pm. I rode up there with R but he was going to have to drive straight to work from there. So my plans were to ride back with Coach Thrush. HA!!!!!!!!!!!!
9 o'clock comes around we are all set to start the game, I warmed up. I even stretched a little being that I was still a little sore from the game before. The very first time I come out to hit - first pitch at that. I hit the ball!! They bobble it, I'm running as fast as I could to get to first. 2 steps before I get to 1st base. I hear a pop!!!!!!!!! It's my legs...not 1 but my 2 legs.....You've got to be kidding me!!!!!!! The pop was from 1 leg though, but I had just pulled BOTH of my quads (the muscle on the top of your legs). I wish I could day that I was lying but I wasn't, I could not walk on my own. They had to carry me off the field and into the dug out. I was in so much pain. I almost threw up 3 times. I had to lay on my back to prevent from getting nauseous. I have never felt so much pain at one time in my life. (the funny thing is that a team mate, on our team did the same thing right before me - we both were in so much pain we didn't know weather to laugh or cry)
R and another team mate had to carry me out of the dug out after the game and into a golf cart. They took me all the way to our truck. R had to call in to work. L was crying with me. And my cell phone was still broken. AWWWW!!!!!
Luckily, I had some meds from when my teeth were extracted so I was good to go but I had to get home to take them. After my first dose of pain medicine and icing it for 30 min. and wrapping it, I was put back together like new. I just couldn't move.
This morning I feel a lot better. I'm moble again - somewhat. I'm not sure if it's the medcine talking but I don't feel like I did last night and I hope I never feel like that again.
Since my phone is dead! I missed a call from the relator that our house was going to show this morning. 1 thing after another. But what can you do???? Laughed it off!
I'm hoping for a better day today!


tollesons4him said...

Wow! You did have a rough day. Hope your leg gets better and hope your phone starts working again.

~LL~ said...

YIKES! I hope you get to feeling better soon...I'm glad it is nothing TOO serious. I hope you get the phone thing taken care of.

Janie said...

My poor little R. That has to hurt. Didn't you have the same injury in high school during track. I just remember you in alot of pain and me streching your leg over and over again.

R & R Stacy said...

That injury was my hamstring not my quad. I can't believe you remember that. lol
Remember that BIG bruise on the back of my leg???

Panda-Mom said...!!! What a day!

Your blog colors are adorable and I can't even believe how big your baby girl is!!! ; )

The Millers said...

Well you two are a MESS. How is Reid's ankle? Hope you are feeling much better. We are getting too old girl, it sucks when you hear stuff crack and pop!!!!! Glad Lynssi is back home, tell them HI!!!

Love ya!

Latte-n-Libre said...

oh wow! I am behind in reading posts and just now say this. I am glad to hear you are doing better. Hugs, b