Friday, June 13, 2008

Hit and Run wins!!!

Big League Dreams off 360 (next to Hawaiian Falls)
L getting into the bat bag.
Watching Mommy hit in the batting cages

Hit and Run wins the first game of the season. The final score was 18-5. I got on base 4 of 5 times. Wow! - is what I said and my hubby. (It helps when you have a real softball college player on the team to coach you every step of the way) However, I made my hubby very proud. Even the kids cheered me on. (B - "Go Mommy, bend your knees, swing hard, you can do it") Too cute!!!

The fields were amazing!!! They have batting cages (which I use before the game) They have an indoor concession stand - so cool. The kids spent most of the time in there eating.

More than likely, I will not be able to walk tomorrow. Every muscle in this body hurts...sniff..sniff
But I'm looking forward to our next game.