Monday, September 1, 2008

Storm takes 2nd place

playing 3rd base
Batter up! They were so dirty from sliding
Storm and Muck Dogs 1st place winners
Way to go Storm!

The tourney is over......yesterday we were at the fields for 7 hours. The boys played 3 games and never gave up. You could tell after the 2nd game they were beat down but, they kept going. We are so proud of our boys. They placed 2nd in the 9and under tournament in Mansfield. Mind you, our boys are only 7. We lost to the Muck Dogs. These boys were not only good at baseball, they were about as tall as me (height and weight). Our boys looked tiny standing next to them. In fact the team that played them before us swore that the 1st baseball had drove himself there. (too funny)

Next week are back to coach pitch - this was just a weekend thing we did since there were no coach pitch teams signed up for this tournament.

Here are a few pics I captured this weekend.

Way to go Storm!

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tollesons4him said...

Way to go Storm and B great job. We will have to come and watch you sometime. Let me know when his games are so we can try to catch some.