Saturday, April 25, 2009

C's birthday pics

Cheese Cake Factory
This is an autograph picture of Selens Gomez. Weird high school friend Brabie. Yes, and that's her name. Anyway....her aunt works at a bank in CH near our house and she so happened to go in there one day to open up an account and met this lady (her aunt). She noticed a picture on her desk of this young beauty. She said "You know Selena"? My friend Barbie said, I don't know her but I know of her.
Anyway, long story short she was able to get a picture autograph for her to give to my daughter. She was super excited when she opened her gift. She had to take ot out to make sure it was a real picture.

Her table on the morning of her birthday!

C and her cousin shopping


Alicia said...

How awesome for her to get that picture!!!

I love TCF!!! Looks like a good time!!

Stacy said...

I wished we had a Cheesecake Factory here. It sound very yummy! I see she got all the Twilight books:) I finished Breaking Dawn last week. They are so good!

Marylin said...

What an EXCITING gift!! How cool is that! Love all the pictures, they look too cute with the hats on!! Happy Birthday to her!! :)

He And Me + 3 said...

How fun and that is so cool about the picture. Great shots too. love the hats. But you knew I would.

mimi said...

I went to the CCF with girlfriends for my b-day. Very yummy! I love how you decorated the table in the morning for her.

The Millers said...

What fun!!!!