Monday, December 15, 2008

C's performance

This weekend was not only a busy one but it was also a very special one too. Our oldest daughter performed with the Southwest Children's Chours. It was their 10 year Anniversary Concert. My sister in law and her family all came to join us.
They have been working so hard, practing 2 days a week, singing 18 songs without a break at times. This was their time to shine and that they did. It was amazing! Their voices so innocent and pure. This is the young group he's ever had in the 10 years he's had the group and everyone says it's by far the best group of voices.
It was our first time to hear them perform as a group. One of the older boys sang his solo - Ave Maria by Franz Schubert, brought everyone to tears. It was amazing!!!

Yesterday they went to Old City Park in downtown Dallas to perform with a few other surrounding children's choirs. It was mostly a fun outing for them.

Next Saturday morning if your out and about doing your last minute shopping, make sure to stop by North Park Mall to hear the kids perform yet again. Then again Monday evening at Holiday in the Park at Six Flags in Arlington.

A few of their songs they are performing are based on Christmas movies -
Home Alone, Polar Express, Charlie Brown Christmas and many more

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