Monday, November 10, 2008

on a mission yet again!

L was on a mission this weekend - I'll explain why. I caught her not once but twice Sunday trying to get into my make-up. I have to admit it was my fault this time for leaving my make-up on the counter. Everyone knows that L loves lipstick (of any sort - one of her favorite things)
While I was getting the house cleaned up after breakfast, C decided she going to shower so I assumed (never assume) that L was in the shower with her. As she always gives L a bath for me while I clean up. After a few mins I thought I would check on them. L was no where to be found. I was in a panic walking from room to room searching for her. I then see 2 little eyes peek out from behind Sissy's huge pillow on her bed. I just knew she had gotten into something. She's was too quite. She got into my make-up bag and found my Color Stay lipstick. Mind you this lipstick is 24 hrs color stay, so it doesn't wash off easily. She looked like a clown. After 1 bath it looked like she had scratches and bruises on her face. Makeup remover, did nothing! I finally used baby oil and that got it off. Silly girl.
What is it about that 3rd child. You can't trust them, they get into everything!


tollesons4him said...

Too funny.

Kristy said...

That's hilarious, Roni! She's just her mommy's girl! How funny! I'm glad it finally came off. . .you didn't capture it in a picture?