Saturday, July 25, 2009

Progress on our house

One Monday morning

that same day - evening

walls are up on the outside

back view of the covered porch

This week - roof is up, house is fully wired, windows and doors are in.
instillation goes in Tues.

Hi everyone! So much has happened this month but I'm only going to share the important stuff. The progress on our house has been incredible! The builders are moving at lighting speed. It's amazing to see everything unfold right before your eyes. We go out to the site everyday. And I mean EVERYDAY, sometimes twice a day. (Glad it's only 10 min away or we'd be in trouble) It's now looking like a house not just land. We had our walk through with the builder before the sheet-rock goes up. It was to make sure we had everything wired the way we wanted it, outlets, phone jacks, TV cables where we wanted them. We made a few minor changes but nothing major. I just can't wait to see the house finished. Estimated date of completion is still August.
Here are a few pics of what they have done this month.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

My computer has crashed, AGAIN! I thought it was fixed but apparently it wasn't. Anywhooooo, our house is framed and moving rather quickly. We are very excited and ready to be making the move final! They are still shooting for August. BE praying for us that everything continues to go smoothly.
Hugs and kisses!!!